Dr. Baher Nashed

Sheikh Zayed & New Cairo Branches


Dr. Baher Nashed is an experienced doctor in Rheumatology, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

Dr. Baher conducts several Physiotherapy programs for cervical discs, frozen shoulder, low back pain, sacroiliac strain, scoliosis and bell's palsy among others.

He has had 30 years of extensive experience in hemiplegia rehabilitation in which he treated a large number of cases with the best results. He excels in diagnosis & management of the most difficult causes of pain & biophysical problems for which he utilizes the latest technology and techniques.

His experience abroad developed during his practice in medical rehabilitation centers in Schwarzwald Clinic in Baden Baden, Lemana Clinic for cellular treatment in Switzerland, as well as Healthfarm in England. His experience extends to pediatric rehabilitation and cerebral palsy.

Dr. Baher is an expert in occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, mesotherapy, chiropractic techniques and drainage massage.