Dr. Aya Sheikhany

Sheikh Zayed Branch


Aya Sheikhany, M.B.B.Ch., M.D. Phoniatrics, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University in 2004, and completed her residency in April 2009.  She received her Master’s degree in 2009 and her MD (PhD) in 2012. She is specialized in speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders. She is currently a Lecturer of Phoniatrics (Speech & Language Pathologist) in the Phoniatrics Unit, ENT Department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. 

Dr. Aya is specialized in language, speech, voice and swallowing disorders. Since September 2007 up until 2009, Dr. Aya has been a Senior Speech & Language Pathologist at the Learning Resource Center (LRC), and since September 2009 at the ADVANCE Center for children with disabilities. In 2010 she joined the ELF and worked as a Clinical Supervisor and Senior Speech Pathologist from 2010 until 2012. She currently runs her own clinic in addition to working at the University Hospital Clinic and other training centers. 

Dr. Aya earned her certification as a Hanen Speech and Language Therapist in October 2009 and advanced certification in 2010. She is certified to lead Parent Training Workshops. She is an ABT certified TLP provider since 2010. She is also an editor, author and reviewer at the EJO. She attended several ENT and IALP national and international Conferences and was a speaker at many of the ENT Conferences. 

She has also been an instructor at several autism awareness conferences.  She has been working with children with speech and language difficulties, ADHD, Down Syndrome, ASD, SPD, LD for 9 years serving them on a 1:1 level as well as leading group activities and parent training sessions and workshops. She believes that every child deserves a chance at education and communication and that they have their own pace. 

She specializes in assessment and management of voice, feeding and swallowing disorders, in both adults and pediatrics. She performs multiple office based endoscopic procedures for assessment as well as interventional procedures. She also assesses neurologically based adult as well as pediatric speech and language disorders and provides therapeutic interventions.