Dr. Tarek Anis

Sheikh Zayed & Maadi Branch 


Dr. Tarek Anis is a renowned Professor of Andrology and the Vice Dean for Post Graduate Studies and Research at Cairo University. Dr. Anis is the current President of the Middle East Society for Sexual Medicine as well as the Founder and the incumbent President of the Pan Arab Society for Sexual Medicine.  Dr. Anis is also a Member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM), in which he served on several Committees (Scientific 3 terms, Publication 3 terms, and Communication 2 terms). During his tenure as a Scientific Committee Board Member he chaired several ISSM meetings in Buenos Aires, Cairo, Brussels and Seoul. He is currently Chairman of the ISSM Publication Committee.

Dr. Anis was the President of three Biennial Conferences of the Pan Arab Society for Sexual Medicine: Cairo 2000, Dubai 2007 and Cairo 2009. Dr. Anis is the Associate Editor of Sexual Medicine Reviews and a Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Sexual Medicine. He was a Member of Paris International Consultation for Sexual Medicine. 

He is also the Editor in Chief of the Sexual Health Update and the Editor in Chief of the Sexual Health website, an Arabic website providing knowledge about sexual health for the public. Dr. Anis coauthored several books including “Sexual Health,” “Sexual Medicine: Sexual Dysfunctions In Men And Women” as well as many books in Arabic. Dr. Anis has many international publications in the fields of male infertility, male sexual dysfunction, and female sexual dysfunction. He serves as a reviewer in several international journals including Urology Journal, Journal of Sexual Medicine, International Journal of Sexual Health, Case Reports in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sexual Medicine, Sexual Medicine Review and Health Care Current Reviews. Last but not least, Dr. Anis has been a Member of the Permanent Scientific Committee of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities for the last 10 years.