Dr. Hassan El Gamal

Sheikh Zayed Branch


Dr. Hassan El Gamal has been a full-time professor of Orthopedic and Spine Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University since 2002. Having obtained his M.D. degree from Cairo University and Paris College in 1990, he worked as an internist of Orthopedic Surgery in Pitie Salpetriere and Foch Hospital in Paris for two years. 

During his tenure, Dr. El-Gamal supervised more than 35 essays for MSc and 25 theses for M.D degrees in Orthopedic and Spine Surgery. He is an Affiliate of the French Orthopedic Association. Moreover, he has organized and attended many national and international congresses, and has up-to date knowledge and experience in different domains in his field.

His specialty areas are in spine surgery, joint replacements, and arthroscopies of various joints and sports injuries, in addition to the usual orthopedic practice. 

At Oasis Clinics, Dr. El Gamal treats a wide array of patients with acute and chronic orthopedic problems.