Dr. Hisham El Kattan

Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo & Maadi Branches


Dr. Hisham El Kattan is a Gastroenterology / Hepatology consultant at Cairo University Hospital. He has been working at the Cairo University Hospital since 1987 practicing gastroenterology and liver consultations, as well as different types of endoscopic maneuvers, particularly therapeutic techniques.

He learned his first steps of Endoscopy at Neuperlach Hospital, Munich, Germany with the late Prof. Dr. Ottenian, as well as Prof. Neuhaus. Both gave him his first steps in ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography).

In 2000, the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy elected him as International Member for Endoscopists.

Dr. El Kattan has participated in several national and international congresses in which he actively held presentations and round table discussion. He also participated in the Egyptian-Italian group to establish new modalities and understandings in liver diseases with particular emphasis on HCV.

He has many publications in Gastroenterology, especially Endoscopies. Later he also developed a “Teaching Upper Endoscopy CD (known as Techniques and Pitfalls)” which was distributed all over Egypt and abroad.  He is currently focusing on teaching advanced techniques, especially ERCP, benign and malignant resections with early diagnosis endoscopically.

Dr. El Kattan has a special interest in Intra-gastric balloons inserted endoscopically for weight reduction with excellent results so far.  Dr. El Kattan is known to be one of the leading figures in Gastrointestinal Endoscopies in Egypt who cares about his patients. Generally, He prefers treatment with a teamwork approach, in which other specialties are consulted for the sake of the patient, a concept international guidelines dictate. 

At Oasis Clinics, Dr. Hisham runs a busy clinic, diagnosing and managing patients with difficult gastro-intestinal diseases.